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Aliyah, approaching middle age without purpose or direction, joins a new-age, multi-cultural church that meets in an old, abandoned theater. Through the church’s central tenet of “the oneness of all creation,” she finds the serenity and strength to get her life moving forward. She becomes involved in the Church’s outreach activities, volunteering in a shelter and planning to adopt through the church's program to unite parents with children.  At the same time, she realizes her dream of publishing quality books.  Everything is finally falling into place.  But when a shelter client brutally attacks her to within an inch of her life, she is thrown into a new world of connection.  This is not what Aliyah expected when she took on faith the Church’s promise of the “oneness of all creation.”  In Hebrew, Aliyah means “one who travels to a higher place.”  Can Aliyah absorb her new reality without giving up on the promise her name implies?

Workshops and Readings:

Ensemble Theater Octoberfest

American Renaissance Theater Company  2017

Actors Studio PDU 2018


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