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The Khmer Shiva

3 women, 2 men, multi-ethnic

The Khmer Shiva examines the fallout from profiteering in a world deeply divided by culture and class. In a cliff-top home,  international entrepreneurial, Richard Fallon reunites with daughter, Mia, a “social justice junkie” just back from grad school. Mia brings Chan, a Cambodian woman seeking funding for her grassroots female empowerment organization. Chan intrigues Richard. He’s impressed by the way she keeps his volatile daughter focused and purposeful. But he has another motive for currying favor with Chan. He spent many years in Cambodia before his lumber business there faltered. Now he has a new venture, precious stone mining. With Chan’s standing in the international community, she might help him to gain the licensing to drill in coveted virgin mountain territory in Cambodia. And he might find a way through Chan to revive his relationship with his distant and angry daughter. But as the night wears on, and a storm rages, things happen that call Chan’s credibility into question. In his living room Richard displays a statue of Shiva, the Hindu deity known both as a destroyer and a transformer. As Shiva presides over this group of people whose fates have intertwined, relationships are both destroyed and transformed as the truth about Richard and Chan’s past lives in Cambodia come to light.




2014 Staged public reading at the Actor's Studio sponsored by the playwright and Director's Unit.


2013 Staged public reading at the American Renaissance Theater Workshop directed by Kathleen Swan.



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