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The House of Piñatas

Dabney Hutchins, a 35 year old man living in the Poconos has a good life.  He is a desk clerk for the Red Roof Inn, a volunteer EMT and he is a popular and beloved figure in the many organizations that make up the civic life in the Poconos.  Only one thing.  His mom is not happy with the fact that he may be gay.  Or let’s just say that he is not straight.  So she sends him to “Living Waters”  a reparative therapy operation that just put out its shingle in the old “House of Piñatas” in an abandoned mall.   As “therapists” Meg Fullerton and Charles Harbison ply their questionable techniques on Dabney and their other clients, a butch Amish woman and Dabney’s childhood friend, Benjamin, the atmosphere becomes unhinged.  Finally things get ugly when Dabney’s mom shows up to see what her money is getting her and an Aztec-inspired ritual degenerates into a no-holds-barred slugfest.


2016 • The Actor's Studio PD Unit

2015 • The American Renaissance     2016           Theater


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